Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI Repetitive strain Injury is the term given to injuries caused by repeated trauma. i.e. tennis elbow.

The conditions can be painful and may become permanent if not treated.

CTS Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is the most common type of RSI that affects Nail Technicians. Mainly caused by bad posture and lack of balance along with repetitive motions that may be aggravated by constant vibration.

How is it developed?

  • Repetitive motions can injure this area and create pressure on the nerve.
  • Motions such as typing or filing nails or constant vibration of tools can also aggravate the condition.
  • Bad posture such as sitting or working in the same position, awkward reaching, stretching or twisting may damage the nerve.

Symptoms include:

  • Pain, numbness, aching, stiffness, tingling, weakness and swelling.

Methods of prevention:

  • This injury can almost always be prevented if you learn to practice good ergonomic techniques.

Tips for good ergonomics:

  • Always sit in a natural, unstrained, comfortable position.
  • Change sitting position often.
  • Take frequent stretch breaks, even if they are only for a few seconds.
  • Don’t hunch over the client’s nails or hang your head while working.
    Instead adjust your chair level to accommodate better posture.
  • Your chair should be padded, low and comfortable for your body.
  • Avoid using tools that vibrate excessively like drills, as vibrations will aggravate cumulative trauma disorders such as CTS.
  • Hold wrists straight and avoid bending them while filing or using a brush.
  • Sculpting with the brush will minimize excessive filing.
  • Do not hyper-extend your hands.
  • Stop work and stretch or shake out your hands periodically.
  • Develop a regular routine for exercising – stretching arms, wrists and hands.
  • Be careful not to favour one hand over the other or lean in one direction.
  • Listen to your body; don't repeat painful positions.