Half body spray tan ​
10 minutes


Full body spray tan
15 minutes​


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At Leah Light Nails and Beauty we use only the BEST products available on todays market and because of that we are delighted to offer you our very own incredible tanning range by NOIR Tanning Solutions .

Noir Professional Tan is completely revolutionary! Created with a neutralising grey base that is like nothing ever seen before. Specifically designed to look incredible on any skin tone or colour!!

Noir Tan is rich in hydrating ingredients to ensure a long lasting tan, with proper care you can expect 7 to 10 days of beautiful tanned skin, and forget patchy fading.

Suitable for all clients and skin types, Noir Tan is a unique product because it allows the customer to customise the depth and darkness of the tan, simply leave it on for 2-3 hours for gorgeous subtle tan or leave it on longer to achieve a richer darker tan. Developing Time: (2 - 8hr)

Our tans are long lasting, approximately 7-10 days. Developing Time: anywhere from 2 - 8 hrs