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About me

Hi, I'm Leah! With 25 years in the beauty industry, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work as the nail stylist of choice for celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink, and many more. This journey has blessed me with a reputation for unparalleled creativity and service. Along the way, I founded three luxury salons in Auckland and successfully sold them at their peak right before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Now, I’m pouring my entrepreneurial spirit and extensive industry knowledge into the world of digital marketing. My mission is to use this expertise to guide and inspire others, helping them maximise their online presence with strategic digital marketing and impactful content creation.

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Why Ugc?!

I was drawn to User-Generated Content (UGC) because it embodies the authenticity and connection that have always been at the heart of my work, whether working with celebrities or empowering salon visitors. My extensive experience in the beauty industry, coupled with a knack for storytelling and creating visually compelling content, positions me uniquely to excel in UGC. I understand firsthand the power of authentic narratives in building trust and fostering community. Leveraging my skills in digital marketing and my passion for genuine engagement, I aim to create UGC that not only resonates with audiences but also drives meaningful interactions, reflecting the real, relatable experiences that people cherish.

Press Features

Press appearances in The Daily Mail, Cosmo & more..

Destination Brand Ambassador

Accommodation and experiences

Brand Ambassador - Scholl

I was flown to Australia to launch the Scholl Nail care range as their main Brand Ambassador. Attending the launch, Interviewing with top Australian press to talk all things nail art and trends & snapchatting her journey!

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Simple content examples more available on request

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Current Reach (25/03/24) 204K over the past 30 days

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